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Simultaneous interpreting equipment

Today international conferences are one of the effective ways to reach understanding in different areas of our life. To provide that from technical point of view one needs adequate equipment for simultaneous interpreting. It allows delivering translated speech with 2-3 seconds lag from that of a speaker. An interpreter works in a separate booth without making any disturbance to the audience. The participants can choose their native language with the help of a headset unit .

Simultaneous interpreting equipment should be used together with sound systems. We recommend you to place orders for simultaneous interpreting equipment and sound systems with the same supplier to reach high quality performance.
“Congress Service” offers two leading manufacturers simultaneous interpreting equipment – BRAHLER (analogue) and BOSCH ( digital).

Bosch Integrus (digital):


Bosch Integrus
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Bosh Integrus 2
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Bosch Integrus3
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Bosch Integrus 4
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 Brahler ICS (analogue):

Brahler ICS
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Brahler 2
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Brahler 3
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Brahler 4
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