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Light units

The most popular light units used for making necessary scene atmosphere and providing right light decision of the event design are presented here .

Dynamic devices:

Moving heads with full rotation.

They belong to the intellectual type of devices which provides optical system rotation together with a lamp. Beam configuration and colour are defined by filters and prismas inside a device. That kind of devices are used in concerts, club events, fashion shows, presentation events, conferences, corporate and any other events which requires certain atmosphere.

Heads are distinguished in their implementation areas: 

  • flooding ones are used for creative/artistic lightening of the scene, decorations etc.;
  • drawing heads are employed for creating beams of required configuration and colour , visual effect drawing, logos projection etc.;

Fixed units:

Such as light “guns” are designed for selective lightening of the scene area, speakers, and artists. They are mostly used in concert halls, stadiums, street events.

Flooding light devices PAR are employed as directed light sources or white ( colour) light flood. They can be used for presidium lightening or speaker lightening ( if the room is not large) as well scene lightening at huge concert halls. The units are reliable and stable at work. Dimmers are integral part of PAR equipment control.

Special effects:

  • Stroboscope principle is in shining with short , bright flashes of white light and light curtain effect.

They are used in clubs, disco parties, official ceremonies, raves, light shows etc.

  • Smoke generators are useful for creating better distinguishing light units beams. That machinery are an important part of any concert light show .
  • Dense smoke generators can create an effect of spreading out smoke and smoke pillar. Dry ice is used as initial material. Ordinary launch of one unit lasts 5 min.
  • Soap bubbles device is a generator and distributor of soap bubbles effect of different size for quite long distance. An initial material is a special liquid which leaves no tray on the clothes.
  • Ultraviolet lamps are designed to provide fluorescent effect of clothes and special colours creation.

Laser systems

are widely employed at different kind of events. We suggest monocolour ( green) and multicolour ( green, yellow and red) types.

Our specialists will arrange light effect required which will not disturb the audience and produce necessary atmosphere.