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Recent events served by “Congress Service”

  • 3-d Russian-Finnish forest summit. October 25, 2009. St. Petersburg, LenExpo.

Simultaneous interpreting at plenary, workshops, final press-conference ( 4 business areas). Installation and maintenance of conference system at business lunch with participation of VIP persons of Russia and Finland.



  • First International Economics Forum “Arctics XXI – development strategy” October 15-17 2009, Murmansk.

Simultaneous interpreting at plenary and workshops ( 5 business areas).



  • NEVA -2009. International exhibition on navigation, shipbuilding and ocean shore development. September 22-25 , 2009 , Len Expo, St. Petersburg.


Simultaneous interpreting at 4 business areas.

  • 9-th Internatiional conference and exhibition on oil and gas development in Russian Arctics and continental shore territories of CIS RAO/CIS Offshore, September 15-18, 2009. St. Petersburg. Smolny cathedral, Grand-hotel Europe.

Technical support of the event at 6 business areas of the conference, equipment for simultaneous interpreting, sound systems, multimedia and projector equipment, office devices.

  • “Millenium-2009” company VISION. September 6-7, 2009.St.Petersburg. “Yubileiny” sport palace.

    Simultaneous interpreting arrangement with 6 working languages at the main arena.



  • “Youth without borders”, Leningrad region partners forum, July 2009. St. Petersburg, Leningrad region government.

 Simultaneous interpreting arrangement with 6 working languages.

  • Inetrnational Economics Forum, June 4-6, St. Petersburg, LenExpo.

 Simultaneous interpreting arrangement on board the ship.


  • Official ceremony of NISSAN opening, June 2, 2009. St. Petersburg.

Simultaneous interpreting arrangement with 4 working languages ( negotiation rooms, shop, canteen). Provision of temporary press-centre with office devices.



  • Banking Congress. 1996-2009, St. Petersburg.

 Technical support of the event ( simultaneous interpreting, sound system, multimedia equipment) at 6 business areas.

  • International conferences “Oil and Gas of Arctics shore”.

 Murmansk Simultaneous interpreting at 4 business areas.


  • Working meeting with Participation of Mr. V. Putin at “ Kirishinefteorgsyntez”, February 10-12, 2009. Kirishi.


 Conference system, plasma walls and seamless “Orion” wall.


  • International congress “ Polar investigations – Arctics and Antarctics perspectives” within the frame of international polar year events. July 11-12 2009.


 “Pribaltyiskaya” hotel, St. Petersburg. Simultaneous interpreting, sound systems, light and projection equipment at 12 business areas.



  • 8-th international forum TEK., April 8-10, 2009, St. Petersburg, Smolny cathedral. “Pribaltyiskaya” hotel.

Technical support of the event at 5 business areas of the conference: supplying simultaneous interpreting equipment, sound systems, multimedia equipment and office devices


  • International conference on nuclear power security, May 27-31, 2009, St. Petersburg, “Pribaltyiskaya” hotel.

Technical support of simultaneous interpreting, sound system, video and projector equipment, office devices at 6 business areas.


  • 55-th International cardiological congress, May 11-14 , 2009. St.Petersburg, “ Pribaltyiskaya” hotel.

Arrangement of simultaneous interpreting system for 5 workshops of the conference, arrangement of video broadcasting of cardio operation from 4 focuses, Medical Clinics 122, Institute for Advanced Medical Education, Belgium, Italy.


  • Petersburg Economics Forum, 1998-2005, St. Petersburg, Taurida palace.

 Simultaneous interpreting, sound system at workshops, supplying video and projector equipment.